Why are you studying English?

Why are you studying English?

Why are you studying English?

English is an important language nowadays. We have asked DPUIC students their opinions about English and why they are studying English. Here are their answers:

Aychhay Hout

First of all, I think English is one of the most commonly used languages among native and non-native speakers. It is the global language that people around the world use to communicate with other people. I’m studying English because it makes me able to communicate with people easily when I go to another country. I have studied English since I was 5 years old and I found that English was very difficult to study. I have been telling myself not to give up on studying this language. I’m good at writing and listening to English but I’m not really good at speaking it because I make a lot of mistakes whenever I speak English. I felt awkward to speak English when I was young. However, when I came to DPUIC and I met a lot of friends from different countries, I began to practice my English speaking skill again in order to improve my speaking skill. I think my English skills have improved a lot and I plan to study harder and practice using this language every day for my future career.

Kanokpun Aue-maneethaweesup

I have chosen to study at the international faculty at DPU because English is an international language. In Thailand, I have found that the English language is used everywhere. I study English five days per week. I am speaking English  in class and with my foreign friends at the university. Even though I have studied English language for my whole life, my English language has not improved much so far. I can speak but cannot write correctly. I hope the English structure subject that I am studying this semester will improve my writing skills.

Lee Tsung Hui (Ken)

English is the main language used for communicating with other countries, and learning English is very interesting!!!!! I did not pay much attention to English when I was a child. So, my English right now is at the same level as a primary school student. Although I still do not understand English much, I try my best to learn it.

Nang Kham Phit (Ar Cheang)

I am studying English because I am interested in English and English is very interesting for me. In the world nowadays, communication in business, friendship, relationship or politics requires English. I want to be able to communicate with foreign friends. I want to tell them about our country, and how wonderful our culture is. Also, I want to be a politician that can speak English very well and to work for foreign affairs. I used to speak English with my friends when I had free time at high school. I have been speaking English to myself all the time. I always listen to music with lyrics. I am practicing singing English songs to practice my pronunciation. I always find five new English words every day. I ask teachers or my friends when I have problems about English. Now I think that my English is getting better than before. I regularly practice these ways. Before my English skill was very bad but until now I think it has improved a lot.

Rome Kodyee 

I want to be a flight attendant. I have to learn English to be able to achieve my goal. I have to study in the classroom, review lessons at home on a regular basis and do a lot of exercises frequently. I want to have a good English accent, so I watch English movies and listen to English songs. Sometimes, I read English magazines and have online chats with foreign friends.

Tao Zi Rui

I am studying English because I want to learn more about this language. I think English is the most commonly used language. When you know English, it is easy to communicate with foreigners. Another reason why English is so important is that English is the language of science. To excel in science, you need to know English. English is one of the most widely spoken languages in the world. If you know English, it is easy to find a job in other countries, to learn about foreign cultures and to attend international conferences and events. To excel in English, I think I need to speak more, listen more and watch more TV in English.

Thawanrat Adulyawat

I am studying English because I love to improve my English skills.  I have to study many courses and work really hard but I always try my best. I have never given up because I love to learn everything in English. I started to speak English when I was at high school. At that time, I started by chatting with foreigners on the internet or through a chat application. The reason which I decided to speak and chat in English is because I have a dream to go to the United States of America. I wanted to go there badly in the past. I have tried so hard to focus on all English classes and to talk with foreigners, including English teachers at school. Moreover, I also learn Spanish from my Mexican friend. I teach him English, Japanese, and Thai. He teaches me Spanish, and Mexican culture is included. My English skills right now have improved more than I expected. Both my writing and listening skills are very good. I also know the functions of adjectives or adverbs. This shows how much I have been through by learning English, and how patient I am as I have never given up on English.

Yan Zhiyi (Derickson)

When I was child, my parents forced me to learn English. Later on, I found that English is not only a simple theoretical knowledge, but can also help me to connect to the world. So, I have continued to study it until now. In addition, I prefer to read different kinds of article in English that I am fond of, for example, National Geographic and the Times. Although you may not understand much at the beginning, after some hard work, you will find that it’s easier that before.

Why are you studying English?
Why are you studying English?Why are you studying English?