Tong Kanika - DPU International College

Tong Kanika

My name is Tong Kanika, and I am 20 years old. I come from Takeo province, Cambodia. I’ve just finished grade 12 at Doung Kpous High School. Nowadays I am studying at Dhurakij Pundit University. My major is ITMA. It was difficult to get a chance to study, because I needed to take a test to get a 50 percent scholarship. I am so happy to study here because my classes are full of skillful people who also love to learn. My classes are fascinating and my teachers are learned and experienced. All teachers always encourage me and provide good advice to students. More than this, my school has high quality education. When I study here, I really have confidence, because the library has a lot of documents that are easy for research and there are good activities in class for students. In particular, DPU has a swimming pool that is good for students (Health). And when I go to school it is comfortable because there is fresh air and a good environment. The canteen meals are okay for me to eat because it is similar to Cambodian food. I love my school so much because there is everything I need and I can develop my studies day by day. I hope I can reach my goals after I graduate from DPUIC.