Tips for getting a high score in exams

Tips for getting a high score in exams

Hello everyone  Final exams are coming soon so we believe that many students are studying hard for that right? Today DPUIC has some tips to guide you to get a high score.

First of all, you have to eliminate the following thoughts:

  • Bad attitudes, such as I’m not smart so, I will fail in exam for sure.
  • Although I prepare well, I can’t do the exam.
  • I’m not good at this subject, so I will get F.

After we eliminate all of these thoughts, doing well in the exam won’t be hard for you anymore.


  1. You have to review, summarize and make notes frequently. This will help you to understand the lessons more.
  2. Write it in your own words and highlight which lessons you don’t understand so review that lesson again later or ask teachers to make it clear.
  3. Try to do exercises and review the lessons which the teacher focuses on.
  4. Group debating with friends is not a bad choice, so you can exchange your knowledge with friends
  5. Don’t overdo revision. If you are tired, you should rest and read again when you feel ok.
  6. Change places for reading books. It will help you to feel more relaxed for example, go to the park or the library.
  7. The best time to review the exam is in the morning because it’s quiet and your brain can memorize well however, don’t overdo it. Your brain has to rest too.

See! If you prepare yourself well, the exam will be really easy for you, so we hope that you will get straight A in every subject. Cheers guys.

Tips for getting a high score in exams