Thrinlay Dhabum - Bhutan - DPU International College

Thrinlay Dhabum – Bhutan

I am a fourth year student studying at CIBA. When I reflect on the first time I joined the university and seeing myself now, I believe I have made the right choice in studying abroad. The diversity of the staff and students of CIBA has given me more exposure and changed my thinking of the business world in many ways. I commend the policy of the university as everyone is cheerful and full of smiles. The fact that every newcomer is welcomed with warm smiles and enticed to exchange conversations is what gives a homelike atmosphere to CIBA. I remember the first time I entered the international building where everyone was friendly. The ambience of it all took me by surprise; even my Facebook was full of friend requests by the time I reached back to my apartment.

The staff are always there to help students and keep them updated. They are the most patient people I have ever seen. International students are well informed with things such as visa extensions, 90 days report, and exam schedule and make up classes. When it comes to classes, the lecturers are friendly, always willing to help and are flexible in meeting to help students. The lecturers teach in a way that encourages each and every student to be interactive in the lessons. Moreover, field trips are made often to so that students can get practical knowledge. Also, being a business student, it is very convenient that the university is a progressive one. CIBA keeps up to date with technology to offer students with efficient ways of learning.

Extracurricular activities are also given importance to students that are interested. The university provides food at very reasonable prices to students which is always great. CIBA has everything that a standard university should have and more. I surely miss my days here after I graduate.