Backpack to ASEAN

The 3rd DPU Backpack to ASEAN

Backpack to ASEANStudent Affairs organized the 3rd DPU Backpack on the topic of “Creative Travel and a Sense of ASEAN Wisdom”, known as “Backpack to ASEAN 3”. This project gave a chance to every DPU student to join a 4 member team. There were 20 winning teams and 2 teams were IC students named ”VC United”, with Ms. Manisa Hodgkins, Mr. Tenasak Chittaphong, Ms. Thuy Thu Nguyen and Ms. Nang Wo Hlaing and “IC WiZards”, with Mr. Dang Raksa, Mr. Xu Hang, Mr. Yan ZhiYi and Mr. Huo Xingxing. They organized a travel plan to Vietnam and Cambodia.

On 22 January 2015, Student Affairs discussed the topic of “ASEAN traveling is not hard; everyone can do it” with the leaders of 20 teams. Aj. Kanlaya Sawangwong was also invited to discuss the topic at the Sanom Sutthipitak conference room. Each team talked and exchanged their experiences about the backpack project, such as culture and way of life in each country.

In the afternoon, there was a presentation of all 20 teams about what they learned about the culture of each country, its food and any unforgettable impressions.

Team  VC United Ms. Manisa Hodgkins the leader of the VC United team said: “we feel impressed about this backpack project. We learnt how to speak with native people and how to live without social networking, 3G and internet. We just listened or read. It’s not important as we went and felt the world by ourselves”

Team IC WiZardsAnd the IC WiZards’s team said “experience from the backpack project made us learn to live with others, taught us how to communicate with the local people and communicate in their culture”

IMG_9763Backpack to ASEAN Backpack to ASEAN Backpack to ASEAN Backpack to ASEAN Backpack to ASEAN

Here are some parts of  vdo presentation from VC United team.

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