Student Life – Classroom: Saigon

Student Life – Classroom: Saigon

                ‘Studying’ can sound tedious for many typical teenage students; of course, I am not an exception. I have been a student my whole life yet I still sometimes sit through the whole class and learn nothing, thinking about something else outside the classroom.

                However, it seems to be a different story when I have a chance to ‘officially’ study abroad for the first time in my student life.

                I am now doing my exchange semester at Hoa Sen University, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

                The first thing I could distinguish was the classroom atmosphere. Unlike at DPUIC, less creative freedom can be found while discipline is more focused. Surprisingly, students here are very enthusiastic in their lives outside the classroom. 9 out of 10 students I know have part-time jobs or even run their own small businesses, like selling coffee and tea.

                Additionally, the infrastructure and facilities are also unfamiliar to me. It takes at most 15 minutes to move from one class to another on foot at DPUIC (generally 5 minutes but students are always go off track). However, changing the classes here can take up to 45 minutes to commute by riding a motorcycle. The furthest distance between one campus and another is about 16 kilometers viagra per nachnahme kaufen.

                Most importantly, living in the place where I am different from others helps me to discover myself and my values. The situation helps me to distinguish my own potential which I have never noticed before. However, it seems to take me some time to get it straight, but I think I am now on the right track.

                Overall, there are many things I have to learn apart from lessons in classes. Learning to adapt to the new student lifestyle seems to be my first priority instead of courses.

                To me, it might not be so disappointing if the result in my transcript will not turn out as expected for this semester; the new experience of student life and my own values are some of the greater things beyond the curriculum that I have learned so far.

                Lastly, all of the experience I have remind me that the best classroom is always the world outside.