Sroeun Puyhorng  Cambodian - DPU International College

Sroeun Puyhorng  Cambodian

I first heard about the University of Dhurakij Pundit ( DPU )International program through a friend of my brother who was doing Master degree at the university. I chose to study in Bangkok because the University of Dhurakij Pundit stood out above the rest. I had offers from other universities, but Dhurakij Pundit has a great reputation internationally and the scholarship availability. When i research the programs available I realized that DPU was offering exactly the type of program in international that interested me.

The university is multicultural, open and committed to research at the highest standard. During my studies, I have met many great lecturers. I have learnt to apply my knowledge through experiences like giving presentations, working in teams on the project, joining seminar and working on individual assignment. Overall, it allows me to be able to work independently on my own as well as working as part of team.

As a result, I felt prepared to get into workforce by it. I also like that our Lecturers are using real life examples in their teaching. The faculty invests a lot in our students.

The lectures spare their time to always be available to help us outside the class. The communication mode between lecturer and student was easier and able keep up with the technology through the use of ‘Google Classroom’. Furthermore, the universities offer a fantastic academic environment, seminars, interdisciplinary initiative as well as remarkable library and sport facility. I love the environment here. The university is located only 15 minutes away from the central and has surrounded with beautiful green parks and great place to relax and study peacefully. I’ve met so many nice people here.

For these reasons, I would heartily recommend the University of Dhurakij Pundit to other students. I would encourage them to enjoy and exploit the experiences to the full and seized opportunities to develop all sort of skills and enjoy rewarding social exchange and cultural life.