Sonam Choden Penjore - DPU International College

Sonam Choden Penjore

Greetings! I am from Bhutan, currently enrolled in the International Business Administration course at CIBA. Coming from a very small nation of approximately 770,000 people, I have had a lot of pleasant experiences during my stay in this exciting city, Bangkok and in CIBA to be more specific.

I have met some amazing people at CIBA including lecturers, classmates and supporting staff. When I first came here, I was not a very confident public speaker. I am glad to say that my confidence has improved thanks to the many opportunities and the constant encouragement and tips from my lecturers and classmates.

CIBA encourages students to not just believe in everything we hear or read but to ask questions, analyze and form opinions without any fear. Independent analysis and thinking are hallmarks of great leaders. CIBA, therefore, I feel is playing an instrumental role in molding a leader in all of us.

Remember, knowledge is infinite and we should never stop learning. CIBA has instilled in me a thirst for knowledge and a love of reading. For such habits too, I am grateful to my lecturers and classmates. If at times, I fail to understand what was taught in class, I had the privilege of seeking clarifications, from the lecturers and classmates, during and after class.

Teamwork and spirit of co-operation is always encouraged at CIBA. I have learned that instead of focusing on the weaknesses of the members, a team has to play to the strengths of each individual in order to deliver the best results. In the world, it does not have to be a zero-sum game, with co-operation, it will always be a win-win situation.

I am also positive about the employability of the CIBA graduates. IBA is an undergraduate course that will shape graduates with keen sense of business attitude and the requisite knowledge in business administration. It is applicable in government jobs as well as the private sector. In most countries, as the economy transforms from an agriculturally dominated to secondary and tertiary industry, job opportunities in the private sector will grow likewise.

More than that, CIBA shapes you into a better human being, with a keen sense of appreciation for arts, culture and humanity. I believe that all I have learned and will continue to learn during my stay in this university will help me immensely.