Sok Lytang - DPU International College

Sok Lytang

Hello, my name is Sok Lytang. I’m a Cambodian student who studies at DPUIC. I’m a first year student here. My major is International Business Administration. Today, I just want to show my feeling about studying at DPUIC. DPUIC is one of the best international colleges in Thailand. I feel I’ve gotten a lot education and something that I didn’t know before since the first time that I studied here. All teachers are very good at teaching. They have a lot of experience of teaching me and to make me understand easily. When I don’t understand something, they always explain it until I get it all. My classmates are very friendly also. We love to exchange information about our cultures. For example, I teach my Thai friends about the Khmer language and they teach me about their language. This is the way that I can learn something new. Finally I want to say that I love being a student at DPUIC.