Sarak Alisa - DPU International College

Sarak Alisa

Hello!!! My name is Sarak Alisa. I’m a Cambodian student at Dhurakij Pundit university International College in Bangkok, Thailand. I am studying International Business. After I graduated from high school, I aimed to pursue my study abroad and at that time DPU gave me a chance to study here. Before I came here, I was really scared that I wouldn’t be able to handle my loneliness, living far away from my family, losing touch with old friends and also afraid of something that I wouldn’t be able to adapt  to a different environment such as culture, food, people, and especially language. By the way, they are parts of life . If we want to improve our life, we need to face that situation, experience something new, and learn from a different society. At first, when living and studying here, it was a bit difficult for me because I always felt homesick and I couldn’t communicate with Thai people. But after learning day by day, I am now able to handle it. I have many friends from different nations and I can speak a little Thai so I can communicate with Thai people. After that, I found out that they are really friendly and helpful and now I don’t feel lonely anymore though I still get homesick sometimes. The school environment provides us with a comfortable atmosphere and a beautiful landscape. Moreover, the educational system is such a high standard quality system for the learners. Because they make us to do everything based on our abilities, it pushes us to use critical thinking in study. The educational system also connects us to the real world. In particular, they create activity programs for us to join and get many useful experiences, and also improve our learning style and communication skills. This is what I have been experienced since the 1st day of living in Thailand.