Sandro Pavesi Brazil - DPU International College

Sandro Pavesi Brazil

Let’s start by introducing myself; I am Sandro Pavesi, a third year student at CIBA.

In my early steps at CIBA I was amazed with the teachers and staff, almost all of them were trying to make me feel welcome and helping me with any trouble that I had in that particular moment. Teacher and staffs are there always for students, I can assure you that, I don’t even know how many times I went to their office to ask question about their subject or ask some advice about something outside University life, I also Facebook or Line them outside University time and they would answer and try to help (I would like to thanks specially P Por).

Group projects are a big thing at CIBA and you will do a lot of them throughout your time studying. It helped me to improve my English, as you have to use business terms, and when you have to present it, you have to speak it as clear as possible. In addition, organization skills and team work, this I would say it goes together as you have to work together with your teammates to make it as easy and effective as possible, this is an interesting and sometimes trick point, because at CIBA are different nationalities and background which sometimes create some conflicts to work together but in the long term you are able to learn how to work effectively in group as you start to understand each background.

The CIBA infrastructure makes the student life easier to study, exercises, or even chill. CIBA provides classrooms with computers that you are allow to use it to do your projects and homework, you can also find some computers at the library, by the way, the library at CIBA it is a nice place that you can go study, as you can find hard or soft copies of books that support the topic of your studies. CIBA Wi-Fi can be used in any part of the campus and it is pretty fast which allows you to make your projects, and of course, watch or download movies.

Honestly, I really believe that I have change as a person since I first came here, CIBA has helped me to open my mind and learn different aspects that are useful in my life.

I hope these short experiences have  provided  you motivates to study here in the future, so I hope to see you around.