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  • Modified April 21, 2016



About the EPC

In our pursuit to achieve academic excellence, DPUIC offers an editing and proofreading service. The service is primarily for postgraduate students, but undergraduates are also welcome to seek advice about their assignments or address their language problems by making an appointment to meet Ajarn Stephen Cannell during his office hours or by email.

For DPUIC students:

The free proofreading service includes checks for grammatical accuracy and style issues but does not include re-writing, plagiarism checks or comments about the accuracy or relevance of content. It does not ensure compliance with the APA citation format, which is the responsibility of the student. There may be a charge if a large quantity of proofreading is needed at short notice. To avoid such costs, students are advised to submit their work chapter-by-chapter well in advance of any deadline.

Please submit your work in digital form (Microsoft Word 2007+) together with the EPC data submission form ( Download Here ) to aj.stephen@dpu.ac.th

For students, teachers and researchers at other universities, or other public or private organizations:

Our editing services, provided by experts in academic writing, are also available to students, teachers, researchers at other universities, and to public and private organizations at competitive prices. The proofreading fee depends on the length of time it takes to correct a document, which in turn depends on the size of the document, the quality of the writer’s English and the urgency of the task

The standard proofreading rate is baht 1000 per hour. As a guideline, a well-written piece of writing can be proofread at about 8 pages per hour (125 baht /page), while writing that contains many errors can be proofread at approximately 4 pages per hour (250 baht/page). The minimum charge for proofreading is 500 baht (30 minutes).

To receive an estimate for a document, you should submit it by email as a Microsoft Word(preferably 2007+) document to aj.stephen@dpu.ac.th

Please also visit our website for news about our pre-university and postgraduate Academic English summer courses. http://www.dpu.ac.th/dpuic/iae/summer_iae.php

It may also be possible to arrange classes for special purposes at the university or at your organization or place of work. Please contact us with any requests. Download an Application Form for Special Courses here: Special English Course Application.docx