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Postgraduate Research

Thesis Topics


Doctoral Dissertation:
  • Phondej, Wanida (2010). In Search of Female Leadership: A Study of Conditions and Possibility for Thai Female Leaders
  • Kohsuwan, Phanason (2010) Guidelines for Adaptive Selling Behaviors; The Regulator Fit and Relational Quality Approaches
  • Singh, Raveena (2011). In Search of Alignment, Integrated Marketing Communication, Strategic Management and Considerations for Postgraduate Curricula – A Thai caseYenpiem, Siriporn (2011). Managing the Process of Change Related to the Introduction of a Performance Enhancing New Technology: The Case of the Air Traffic Management (ATM) Systems for Air Navigation Service Providers (ANSPs)
Academic Papers:
  • Achananuparp, Wuthilak. Inter-Organizational Knowledge Transfer (KT): A Study of the Conditions Governing KT: The Case Study of Manufacturing in Thailand
  • Boonyawat, Juckchai. The effects of Country-of-Origin on Bi-national Financial Services
  • Singh, Raveena. Enhancing Teaching and Learning: A Critical Analysis of the Mutual Integration of Postgraduate Curriculum, Professional Practice and Graduate Attributes: A Thai Case
  • Thongsuk, Prapas. A Study of Co-Relation between Consumer Consumption through Social Networking and Consumer Community: Case Study Credit Card Customer and Traveling Spending
  • Wiwatwongwana, Rangsima. Managing Innovation through Creativity
  • Keshagupta, Awiruth and associate (2012). Integrating Problem Based Learning and Computer Simulation in Enhancing Strategic Management Learning.

PhD (BI)

Doctoral Dissertation:
  • Vongvichien, Jetsura (2010). The Development of  GDSS to Support Group Decision Making by Increasing the Participation of  Thai Graduate  Students
  • Lawkobkit, Montree (2010). Integrating Service Fairness into the Post-Acceptance Model of IS Continuance in Cloud Computing
  • Delorme, Daranee (2011) A Knowledge Slide Presentation for Information Processing Enhancement of  Field Sales force
  • Nongbunnak, Sayamol (2012). E-Government Services Delivery Model Accommodating Thai Citizens’ Needs
Academic Papers:
  • Vongvichien, Jetsura. The classroom participation improvement of Thai student by the implementation of enhanced GDSS
  • Chareonsri, Kanida. What are the key success factors behind EMR acceptance in Thailand?
  • Prayottavekij, Panvipa. Information Security Model for Trust Improvement on Thai Internet Banking
  • Rasmidatta, Sothaya. Relationship between Decision Making Factors and Mobile Internet Acceptance for Business Transaction in Thailand
    Delorme, Daranee (2012). A Knowledge Visualization Tool For Knowledge Transfer: The Case Of Using Electronic Slide Presentation For Information Processing Enhancement Of Field Sales Force Proceeding of the 8th Administration and Management Conference, Bangkok


Academic Papers:

  • Wattanachat, Patchalit (2012). Factors Influencing Product Awareness of Shower Toilet’s Consumers in Bangkok. Proceeding of the 8th Administration and Management Conference, Bangkok
Independent Studies *:
  • Xianghong , Luo (2012). Factors Affecting the Purchasing Behavior of Chinese Customers Toward KFC Restaurants in Bangkok and Metropolitan Area
  • Phoeng Chanda, Mony (2009). AnInvestigation of the Customer’s Expectations and Perceptions of Service Quality Towards Luxury Hotel in Siem Reap Province, Cambodia
  • Nikomanantachai, Boonkanok (2009). Factors Influencing Adaptation of Marketing Strategies and Export performance of the Thai Canned Tuna Industry


Independent Studies *:

  • Noppachart, Nattha (2009). Factors affecting the Decision Making on Studying International Master Degree in Bangkok
  • Kampreanvong, Manatsanan (2009). The Influence of IMC Tools and Customer Loyalty on Purchasing Behavior of Resort Guests
  • Jutams, Sarun (2009). The Marketing Research to Study the Consumer Insight of the Dormitory Business in Maejo District in Chiang Mai and How to Create the Differentiations in The Red Ocean Market
  • Kongranunpol, Araya (2010). Factors affecting purchasing behavior of Parents on Behavior of Parents on Selecting the English Language Institutes for Their children in Bangkok Metropolitan Area
  • Wannasai, Supajit (2010). Factors influencing consumer decision making to select Hotel/Resort stays of Thai visitors at Koh Samui
  • Luksanasut, Nantaka (2010). The Influence of Word of Mouth and Marketing Mix to the Consumer Buying Decision Upon the Cosmetics Product
  • Promnam, Khanittha (2011). Factors influencing the purchasing behavior OF Thai Amulets’ Consumer in Bangkok and Metropolitan
  • Boonsong,  Garvin (2011). Factors Influencing Student Decision Making to Study in DPUIC
  • Wattanachat, Patchalit (2011). Factors Influencing Product Awareness of Shower Toilet’s Consumers in Bangkok and Metropolitan Area
  • Chattaraphooti, Warudee (2011). Factors Influencing the Purchasing Behavior of the Customer to Buy an Insurance Product
  • Sriuthencahi,  Uthen (2011). Factor Affecting the Purchasing Behavior of Badminton Court Service’s Customers in Bangkok and Metropolitan Area
  • Suttitum, Sutanya (2011). Influence of Integrated Marketing Communications Via Facebook of LEVI’s  Thailand on Buying   Decision of LEVI’s Jeans Among LEVI’s Fans of LEVI’s Thailand Facebook
  • Nong , Xiaoli (2012). Factors Influencing the Purchasing Behavior of Weight-loss Medicines’ Consumers in Bangkok and Metropolitan Area
  • Mahapiroon, Tanyanan (2012). Factors Influencing Purchase Intention of Singing Course’s Customer in Bangkok


Independent Studies *:

  • Saributra, Chalermpol (2010). Price and Design Comparison of indoor access networks for Residential Buildings: Power Line Communication, Wireless LAN, and LAN

Note: *
  • questionnaire survey with at least 400 respondents
  • data analysis by correlation analysis, factor analysis, chi-square test, anova, t-test and descriptive statistic

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