EXCHANGE PROGRAMS - DPU International College



One of the best benefits of being a student at DPUIC is the numerous opportunities we offer for students to go on student exchanges in Europe, Australia, the U.S. and around Asia. Fortunately, DPUIC even has tuition waiver agreements with some universities, meaning that an overseas study experience can be much cheaper than one thinks.

Study exchanges are very important, and DPUIC strongly encourages students to join. In addition to the cultural experience and the opportunity to make new friends, which are the main reasons such exchanges are established, the student also experiences different educational systems and approaches, learns to live independently and in short becomes more mature very quickly!

Study exchange programs are unforgettable and can be truly life changing.

A video of DPUIC student’s exchange experience

Gift, an IBBA student, joined an exchange program at ICN, University of Nancy, France for 1 year and was awarded Bachelor of Business Administration from University of Nancy. She is now completing her 4th year study at DPUIC.