Exchange Process (Inbound) - DPU International College

Exchange Process (Inbound)

Many students come from around the world to study for one or two semesters at DPUIC and transfer credits to their home institution. If you are interested in studying at DPUIC please read the information below:

Services for inbound-exchange students

For exchange students we offer the following services

  • Visa assistance
  • Airport pickup
  • Accommodation assistance
  • Insurance assistance

Application procedure

DPU has numerous agreements with universities around the world which facilitate student exchanges. Check if your university is one of them here.

If your university is not currently part of DPUICs network however, you can still apply. The normal procedure is:

1. Ensure your degree program and the DPUIC program you are interested in are compatible. This means that you must check that the courses you are interested in studying at DPUIC must resemble your courses at your home university, so as to allow for credit transfer. Check our program courses on this website.

2. Discuss your intentions with relevant persons at your university. These would include your faculty heads and possibly international offices.

Entry requirements and conditions

  • You must be enrolled as a full-time student at your host university
  • For undergraduate studies you must have an IELTS or equivalent score of 5.0
  • You must purchase health insurance upon your arrival at DPUIC. If you have purchased insurance from your country, please ensure that the insurance covers medical expenses in Thailand.
  • You are permitted to enroll for a minimum of 4 courses (12 credits), and for a maximum of 7 courses (21 credits) per semester.
  • For details regarding the tuition fees and the number of semesters allowed to study at DPUIC, please check with your university. Decisions will be based on the agreement (MoU) between DPUIC and your university.

How to apply

Please complete the online application form