PG Tuition & Fees - DPU International College
  • By CIBA International Program
  • Modified March 3, 2017

PG Tuition & Fees

Master Degree Programs:

  • MBA programs:
    • Total Program Cost: 330,000 Baht for Thai and international students
    • 82,500 Baht per semester (4 semesters)

Doctoral Degree Programs:

  • PhD (BA):
    • Total Program Cost: 740,000 Baht for Thai and international students
    • Approximate 123,300 Baht per semester (6 semesters)


Approximate Living Expenses:

  • Housing: DPU has ten on-campus dormitories as well as off-campus housing. There are also many privately run accommodations within walking distance of the university. The cost for rooms on and around campus are reasonably priced (approximately):
    • Room with Air-Conditioning: About 4,700 Baht per month
  • Food: Approximately 200 Baht per day or 6,000 Baht per month
  • Miscellaneous Costs (International Students Only):
  • Other fees for international students:
    • Health Insurance: Approximately 4,000 Baht per year
    • Immigration Processing: Various nominal visa extension and other related fees