Ney Somalin - DPU International College

Ney Somalin

My name’s Ney Somalin. I’m a freshman at DPUIC majoring in IBA. Since the first moment that I landed at the airport in Thailand, I knew that it all depended on me. There is nothing my parents can do to help me if I run into trouble. Because here I learn to be fully independent, I learn to handle things on my own. On my first day at DPU, I felt like an alien. Everyone studied the preparation course together, but I didn’t. Also, I didn’t attend college from the first day of the semester. No one knew me, only my cousin, Bopha, who is also my classmate. Now I have some friends in school. As an international student sometimes I feel lonely. I sometimes feel uncomfortable with new places. All I can do is to adapt to this new environment. I have never lived this far from home before. I feel awkward like living in this world alone. I feel homesick so often. I can’t speak Thai which is also a problem because it is difficult to buy anything without my friends who can speak Thai. But it’s not that hard, some people here can speak English as well. DPUIC has given me a lot of new experience that I’ve never had before. I love doing activities with all my friends and teachers. My teachers offer me great opportunities. I went to plant mangroves; it was the first time in my life. I felt like I could help the world by growing more plants. Although I’m not good at talking or communicating with people, I can meet everyone and improve my communication here. In short, studying at DPUIC has taught me how to live alone, how to handle things, how to solve problems and many other things. I believe DPU will lead me to a bright future and teach me to be a useful person for my country and for the world.