New Semester, New morning routine

New Semester, New morning routine

New Semester, New morning routine

What is your routine in the morning? Let’s see how DPUIC students prepare themselves before class.

Chirorost Kaneiwa

Finally, I got used to the schedule of all my courses after the semester started 2 weeks ago. I think I have been able to manage them throughout the week pretty well so far. On the day that I have a 9 o’clock class, I wake up at 5 because the traffic in my area has always been hectic in the morning and I prefer to avoid that frustration on the road. As I have been dealing with sleeping disorders such as insomnia and sleep paralysis for many years, waking up at 5 is not always easy. I usually get about 3 hours or less of sleep. After I wake up, me and mother go to the kitchen and prepare her lunch meal and my father a breakfast. I catch a ride with my mother and we leave the house a little bit before half past 6. She usually drops me off around soi Sammakki at 7 o’clock. Then from there, I take a taxi all the way to my university. When I arrive at DPUIC building at half past 7, I rest on a comfy seat at the cafe to review notes and re-check my assignments. Sometimes I help explain some of the assignments to my classmates, and if I have a time to spare, I read some news. Besides finishing my works on time, be on time for classes are important for me as well. On days that I do not have early class, I also follow the routine similarly. By doing this with discipline, it has helped and polished me bit by bit to become a better and responsible person.

Huang Yixiao (Koki)

I have not followed the same routine every morning. Sometimes I get up early, but sometimes I get up late. I usually wake up at 7 o’clock and go out of my house at 8 o’clock in the morning so that I can arrive at school on time. I do not do exercise every morning after I get up. I exercise every evening, because I usually take a shower before I go to sleep. I listen to the light music after I get up, because light music can make me feel relaxed in the morning. After I brush my teeth and wash my face, I put on school uniform and get ready for school. Before I go out, I always drink a cup of hot water. This habit makes me feel good and keep me healthy. Next, I buy breakfast and a bottle of chocolate milk. Finally, I walk to school. This simple routine makes me feel relaxed.

Lin Zhongzheng (Summer)

I have followed the same routine in the morning since I started attending college. I get up at 8:00 clock every morning. I wash my face and brush my teeth. Then I go to the 7-11 store downstairs for breakfast. I walk to the university. However, sometimes when I get up late, I take a motorcycle to the university. After my morning class, I have lunch at the canteen and rest in the library. When I finish all courses, I go home, have dinner, and enjoy my free time in the evening.

Maywiya Tawsantei

I usually get up at 5 o’clock. I brush my teeth and wash my face. I always go to market with my parents. Next, I take a nap while we are going to my restaurant by my car. My mother has cooked for the family for twenty years. I usually prepare some vegetables for her before I go to the university. I have breakfast about 7.30am. After that I have a shower, put on my make-up and get dressed. I pack my bag with my textbooks and leave my restaurant. I take a taxi to go to DPU international college and walk to classroom. My class starts at 10.30am and ends at 12.00pm. I have lunch around 12 o’clock. I like to eat rice or spaghetti at the canteen and I walk back to classroom. My next class starts at 1.30pm or 3pm and ends at 4.30pm. I have dinner around 6pm. I often go to library with my friend and go back home around 8pm with my parents. I go to bed after do my homework and improve my English on YouTube and then I go on Facebook, Line or listen to music until about 11pm.

Nattha Pratoomsub

This is my daily routine, on school day. I wake up at 7:00 am and I always press the snooze button on my alarm clock five times every morning. I take a shower, get my uniform, comb my hair, brush my teeth and put make-up on.  I often skip breakfast because I hurry up to drive to the university. I usually arrive at the university at 8 am every day. After I finish all classes, I go back home to have dinner with my family at 7.30 pm. We always eat together. After that, I chill out on sofa and watch my favorite programs on television. I usually do homework while watching television. Then I take a shower and set alarm to wake me up in the morning. What I mention before is to sum up my daily routine.

Nipakorn Churattana

 I always get up at 8.00 o’clock. Then, I take a shower, brush my teeth and get dressed. At 8.40, I start to go to school. My class starts at 9.00 o’clock and finishes at 12.00 o’clock. In the afternoon, I usually have noodles and meat for lunch in the canteen with my friends. And I study at 1.30 pm and finish at 4.30 pm. After that, I go back to my dorm at 5.00 pm.  In the evening, I have dinner and talk with my friends. After that, I do my homework, listen to music and read cartoon books. At 11.30 pm. I brush my teeth and go to bed.

I have made a routine since I was in high school. Everyday morning before go to school, I must follow these steps.

On-arin Lam

Usually I wake up at 07:00. The first thing I do is not to go to brush my teeth, but to have a cup of lukewarm water. Getting up such early makes me feel dizzy, so lukewarm water makes me feel better. And then I go brushing my teeth. Next, I usually do make-up and have breakfast at the same time, because this makes the process shorter. Then I dress up myself. I do make-up before dress up because I had an experience that the make-up product fell on my clothes and got mess, so I decided to do make-up first. Finally, I straighten my hair. And then I am ready to go to school. Since my high school was very close to my home, I think it took about 15 to 20 minutes from home to school, so I walked to school every day. But now, university is 9 km far from my home. I have to go by car. Traffic jam in Thailand makes me stressed and irritated.

Pu Rui (Ray)

Since I arrived in Thailand, I have started a new morning routine in daily life. On my schedule there are three days which I have morning classes. And these days include Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday. So I have to get up at 8:00 AM during these days. Then I go to the bathroom and take a shower with some energetic music. The refreshing water and music revives me completely. Next, I walk in front of the closet and get out the uniform which I should wear in class. Then I get dressed. After that I get going to college with my bag. When I walk on the way to school, I usually drop by a Seven-eleven. Finally, I buy some sandwiches as my breakfast from the Seven-eleven. I have a new schedule in new surroundings now. I need to have a new routine. And I think it is good.

Sandro Pavesi Dos Oros Junior

When I wake up, I usually play with my pet if it is there and not in my girlfriend place. After that, I take shower and brush my teeth. Now I get ready for my class. I usually have one class in the morning. So, after it I stay there to read papers related to my courses or go with my friend to his house to play Xbox 360.

Sokunvoleak Toun

In every morning, I have followed almost the same routine since I started attending college at DPUIC. I can ready for school in thirty minutes each morning. First, my alarm clock is ringing at 7:50 A.M and I get up at 8 o’clock every weekdays morning. Then, I take a shower about ten minutes, and I spend another fifteen minutes on getting dressed in the DPU’s uniform. After that I check my schedule and put today’s subject folders in the bag. Next, I leave my room around 8:40 A.M and take five to seven minutes for walk. While I am walking to university, I’m listening to my favorite music to refresh my mood. It makes me feel good to start my day. When I arrive at the back gate of university, I go to buy a sandwich and a bottle of water for breakfast. Sometimes I have breakfast just before the class starts, or right after I finish the first class in the morning. This is how I finish my morning routine and go to university every weekday.

Theeranart Hinjiranandana

I follow the same routine in the morning when I begin to study at University. I have the complete steps to do each day so that I arrive to college on time and do the work that I can. First when I wake up, I exercise every morning before I take a shower. I do 3 sets of sit ups and push-ups for 15 minutes. After I finish exercising, I take a shower. Then I get dressed and I have a breakfast. Finally, my father comes and takes me to go to the college. After I finish my class, I go back home. I take a shower and have dinner. If I don’t have homework, I spend my happy moment in playing a game, surfing the internet or watching the movie. Sometimes I review the lessons and improve my English on Youtube or in These are good ways to improve my English and my grades. And then I go to bed. I intend to follow the same routine because it makes a good and healthy student.

Weerachai Jaiyen

   Firstly, I always get up at 06.00 o’clock morning. I can see the sun is shining, and those birds are singing up on the trees with fresh air and nice cloud. I prepare my duvet, pillows, blanket, bolsters and sheet again. Secondly, I exercise at the backyard of my house with my dogs. We are running around at my mother’s flowers garden. My dogs and I are very friendly and lovely. Thirdly, I go to take a shower in my cleanly bathroom and turn on the  music of Jimmy. I am happy and relax when I am listening to music every morning. After that I have a cup of milk and breads with strawberry jam for my breakfast.Then I wear my perfect uniform and go to my college by a car with my friends. My friends and I are always be on time for class, because we love to study and pay attention to our lessons as much as we can. My class finish at 04.30-05.30 o’clock every day, then I go back to my house and do some respect to my family as Thai culture does. After that, I go to change my uniform to a smart sportswear then go to play football with my friends at the football field in the university. After I finish playing football every evening, I usually go to the market to buy some food for my dogs and  dinner for myself. Lastly, I go to bed at 08.00 PM. every night. Every time while I am on my bed, I always read some of my interesting books and note some new experiences that happened on that day. When I am on the bed, I feel sleepy because outside of my window is dark. Moreover, I can see many stars in the sky. Sometimes if I’m lucky I will see the northern stars. I turn on my classic lamps and have a nice dream.

New Semester, New morning routineNew Semester, New morning routine