Bun Nakit - DPU International College

Bun Nakit

My name is Bun Nakit. I’m currently studying at DPUIC (Dhurakij Pundit International College). I chose International Business Administration as my minor. Till now, I’ve been living in Bangkok for over 5 months. However, I feel like home, and I don’t feel homesick at all. Professors and friends are giving me so many incredible memories. The professors are full of experience and have good study backgrounds from many countries throughout the world and they have so many skills of teaching. Additionally, I have so many friends from many different countries, which makes me feel so international. I have learned so much about culture through my foreign friends. We enjoy studying at DPU because DPU has a huge football field, a swimming pool, a gym, basketball  tennis and badminton courts and so many sports area where you can amuse yourself. DPU also has a very fresh environment. There are so many species of plants, turtles and birds that make you feel nature even when you first step into the front gate of the college. Moreover, DPU has a big library that contains many kinds of books that you can do research for your assignment and many more. DPU also provides students with wifi that makes study more enjoyable. In conclusion, I still have 3 and half years at DPU, so I can’t wait to see how my studies become better and better.