Nak Lyreaksmey - DPU International College

Nak Lyreaksmey

My name is Nak Lyreaksmey. I’m 18 years old and I come from Cambodia. My hometown is in Siem Reap province. After I graduated from Angkor high school, I made a decision to choose my favorite skill and future university. Then, I chose to study at DPU International college in Bangkok, Thailand. At the beginning, everything here was interesting and my life also changed. My teachers always focus on the knowledge that we receive and they pay full attention to make sure we understand the lessons. Besides studying, it is also a friendly place that gives a warm welcome to international students like me. I really enjoy my university life such as joining activities in class or at the university and making a lot of new friends. Even though the culture is different, we still keep in touch like a family. In conclusion, DPU provides me a lot of new experiences. I’m sure that I will have a bright future and become a useful person after I graduate.