Ly Komkom - DPU International College

Ly Komkom

My life in Thailand is going well so far. In fact, my thoughts about Thailand before I come here was not as expected. By this, I mean it in a positive way. At first, I thought I would be alone and would not know how to communicate as I cannot speak Thai. In contrast, the staffs here speak English fluently and they assist me in everything I am struggling with. Moreover, everyone here is friendly including the staff and all the students from different cultures such as westerners, Chinese and many more around the world. DPU is not just a university for me, but it is the place where I can spend all my days. Not only has that, the green environment and a huge sports centre make me feel mesmerized and irresistible not to get inside. DPU is not that far from the city center so we can enjoy city life whenever we are free. In all, I love this university.

To say it from the bottom of my heart, I would recommend DPU to students who are interested in studying international programmes in Thailand.