Ly Dalis - DPU International College

Ly Dalis

Hello, I’m Ly Dalis. I’m a Cambodian. Now I am studing at Dhurakij Pundit University International Collage in Bangkok, Thailand. Living and studying abroad is not so easy, but we all have to do it. The first day I came here, I felt so lonely and homesick. But, after a few months, I feel better and it is so much fun here. The school environment is so nice including the people who live nearby my area because most of them are friendly. I really like here a lot because I meet a lot of nice people and I study in a comfortable place with a fresh environment. It is a different style of education and there are many places to go. Most people are helpful and I also can join many fun activities at school. Sometimes I also feel sad when I miss home. This is how I feel when I’m staying here. Thank you Brother Rith for always encouraging and helping me.