Visa Information - DPU International College
  • Modified June 23, 2018

Visa Information

International students enrolled at DPU must obtain a non-immigrant education visa. The education visa must be renewed after 3 months and then on an annual basis.

Please be sure to review this document to understand the basics of maintaining your non-immigrant education visa. Please contact CIBA staff or ISSC staff (International Student Service Center) if you are unsure which documents to submit or if you require our assistance to complete one of the following immigration processes.

In order to obtain and extend your non-immigrant education visa, you will need to collect the following items and present them to CIBA-International Programs or International Student Service Center (ISSC) at least 2-3 weeks prior to the expiration of your current visa:

    1. Completed Application For Extension of Temporary Stay in The Kingdom (TM.7)
    2. One 4 x 6 cm color photograph
    3. Original passport with attached Departure Card (TM.6)
    4. Enrollment Documents:

For new student

  • Acceptance Letter
  • Registration Payment Invoice
  • Tuition Receipt paper
  • A copy of your student ID card
  • A copy of your high school diploma (or its equivalent)

For current student

  • Registration Payment Invoice
  • Tuition Receipt paper
  • A copy of your student ID card
  • Grade Report Semester / Academic Year

5. Visa extension processing fee of 1,900 Baht


90 Day Reporting Rule

Foreigners living in Thailand must also report to any Thai Immigration Bureau every 90 days. The purpose of this visit is to report where you currently reside. The process requires one to complete and submit Form TM.47 entitled “Form for Alien to Notify of Staying Longer Than 90 Days” One can begin the process up to 15 days prior to the 90 day deadline.

There are no fees associated with submitting this form unless one reports after the 90 day deadline. Those who allow the 90 day deadline to expire will be required to pay a 2,000 – 5,000 Baht penalty.

90 days notification process:

  • Contact ISSC staff to fill out T.M. 47
  • Drop your passport with related documents to staff at International Student Service Center (ISSC)
  • Collect passport back after 90 days notification is completed


Re-Entry Permits

Foreigners residing in Thailand must complete and submit Form TM.8 entitled “Application for Re-Entry Permit into the Kingdom” prior to exiting Thailand. Those who neglect this requirement will face immigration issues upon their return to Thailand even if they still have a valid Thai visa. In order obtain a Re-Entry Permit, you will need to collect the following items and present them to CIBA-International Program at least 2-3 weeks prior to your intend departure from Thailand, if you require our assistance:

    1. Completed TM.8 entitled “Application for Re-Entry Permit Into The Kingdom”
    2. Original passport
    3. One 4 x 6 color photograph

Processing fee:

  • Single Re-Entry: 1,000 Baht
  • Multiple Re-Entry: 3,800 Baht

In cases where students have left Thailand and did not request a re-entry permit, their student (or Non-ED) visa will be canceled automatically. When they return to Thailand, an immigration officer will change the students’ visa type to a Tourist Visa. This Tourist Visa will allow them to stay in Thailand for up to 30 days (if arriving in Thailand by airplane) or 15 days (if arriving in Thailand by bus). In this case, it is important that students change their visa type immediately.  The student is responsible for the visa fees.

Ultimately, it is each student’s responsibility to ensure compliance with all the requirements set forth by the Thai Immigration Bureau. If you request assistance from CIBA International Programs, it is also your responsibility to check the progress of your immigration documentation with CIBA International Programs’ staff.