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Living in Thailand

Costs of living

Given that our students come from so many different countries, it is difficult to make a comparison in terms of cost of living, as it is relative to each student’s home country. As a general idea, the following costs are usual for university students:

Rent and utility bills: approx. 150 USD/month (if you live alone, although most students share)

Food: approx. 120 USD/month

Other expenses: approx. 50 USD/month

As you can see, it is quite possible to live in Thailand for approximately 300 USD/month, or even less.


Thai holidays

Thailand has one of the highest number of public holidays in the world! The most famous traditional holiday (and the longest) is Songkran, which is the Buddhist New Year and is held from April 13 to 15.

There are numerous other Buddhist holidays throughout the year, and the international New Year in January is also observed. Many holidays are conveniently observed on Mondays or Fridays, to allow for a long weekend.


Health and safety

Thailand has excellent medical care services. It is common practice to go to the hospital even to visit general practitioners (i.e. for minor medical issues) rather than clinics. All students have basic insurance which covers doctors’ visits at hospitals.

In terms of safety, Thailand is quite different than Western nations, and it is fair to say that safety is not always a main concern! For example, one form of transport is the motorcycle taxi, which is cheap and convenient (especially when it comes to traffic!). But obviously it is not the safest form of transport. In general, international students, especially from countries therefore need to exercise a little more caution