Fees and Scholarships - DPU International College
  • Modified June 22, 2018

Fees and Scholarships

Tuition fees for undergraduate programs can be found in the following link: Click here

Tuition fees for postgraduate programs can be found in the following link: Click here
For promising and well-qualified students, scholarships are available. To apply for 10% or in some cases 20% scholarships undergraduate applicants need to have GPA scores of 3.5 or above and high English scores.

Masters students are also eligible for scholarships of up to 15%.

Certain conditions apply and recipients will have to meet academic and other requirements to continue receiving the scholarships. For more details, you can ask the head of the program when you apply to enroll.

Contact information

You can get information in various languages, although we may need to arrange a time if you want to speak to someone in a language other than Thai or English. Available languages include Bhutanese, Burmese, Chinese, Khmer and Vietnamese.

Non-Asian languages include Italian, German and Spanish.