Ear Muykheng - DPU International College

Ear Muykheng

My name is Ear Muykheng. I am 18 years old now and I come from Phnom Penh Cambodia. I graduated grade 12 in 2015. Nowadays, I am studying at one of the most famous universities called Dhurakij Pundit University which is located in Laksi district, not far away from Bangkok city center. I have been staying in Bangkok since October 2015. When I first came here, I liked everything including the surrounding environment, the infrastructure, the sports center, the food center and especially the tall buildings, the soccer field and the large library. Moreover, people here are very friendly and helpful. Whenever I get into trouble, people always help me out. Sometimes I feel homesick and lonely because I had never stayed far away from my family. But now I can adapt myself fast because I have a lot of friends and both of these country are neighboring countries so the culture and traditions are quite similar expect for the food in Thailand which is very spicy food. As a final point, I feel really happy that I can study at one of the most famous universities and I can spend my college life here. I have had a very noteworthy experience here. I hope I can graduate with success and find a suitable job.