Cristian Lynx Slovenia - DPU International College

Cristian Lynx Slovenia

CIBA is good place to study if you are a foreign student in Thailand. I was warmly and eagerly welcomed by my faculty’s staff that has so far helped me with all the necessities of my stay as to their abilities and even beyond. The students are open and social towards foreigners so I have had no shortage of opportunities to make new friends. As a Westerner, I have found the learning environment to be delightfully suitable to my needs and tastes; inversely, it has shaped me into a more patient and compromising individual.

My goal was to enroll into a course which would provide me with the necessary skills and knowledge to do business in China or with Chinese people. I am still amazed at how near-perfect CIBA is in this regard. The University has a large faculty dedicated to Chinese students who are either full-time students or participate in long and short-term exchanges from countless cities and provinces across China.  This enables me to make connections in China within the comfort and laid back atmosphere of Thailand. CIBA is truly a Launchpad for my future.

In the past 2 years of my studies at this university, innumerable opportunities for my self-improvement and growth have presented themselves. My initial expectations were to simply finish the courses and obtain a degree yet life is so much more and I am pleased to say that I have had a rich experience with the university. I wrote this testimonial from the familiar surroundings of my childhood town however I look forward to when I will once again be able to make myself at home in Thailand.