Choup Sovan Kongkea - DPU International College

Choup Sovan Kongkea

Hello! My name is Choup Sovan Kongkea. I’m a freshman at Dhurakij Pundit University and my major is IBA. At first, I would like to express my feelings about studying at this school. It is great, and everyone here is very friendly and helpful. I’m so in love with the school environment, which is filled with green grass and trees. I feel so relaxed every time I stay around there. About the study, I admit it was very difficult since it was the first time I have studied every subject in English but as long as I don’t give up, I’m going to be successful one day. The classes start every 9:00AM in the morning, so I need to get up very early, prepare myself and walk to school since my dormitory isn’t far from the school. Lastly, I’m enjoying my life here and I am independent.