Borann Sereywathana - DPU International College

Borann Sereywathana

I’m Borann Sereywathana. I’m from Phnom Penh but now I live in Bangkok because I study at Dhurakij Pundit University International Collage (DPUIC). I did not know DPUIC before. However, I heard about it from my father and researched more information from the website and also Facebook. I was worried a lot about studying in Thailand because I did not know anyone here and I was concerned about staying alone. On the first day, I came to take the exam with my father and I got a 50% scholarship from the school. I really love to study here because everything is amazing such as the library, the people, the surroundings, and the gym. I have met many people but most of them are Cambodian. Moreover, I also have good communication with teachers and seniors. One more thing is the library. I really like it due to it is comfort and modernity. Furthermore, I mostly stay in the library because it is a quiet place to read and review the lessons. In addition, the environment is really fresh because there are a lot trees and flowers in the university and it is very beautiful. I go to the gym every day and there are many sports places including a swimming pool, and basketball, tennis and ping-pong facilities and a football field where I do exercise and run with my friends. There are many things that I really want to study here. Finally, I’m very glad to be a student at DPUIC and I hope that I will have good memories and opportunities and I can find good a job after I graduate.