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How to apply

How to Apply to DPUIC’s Postgraduate Programs
Step #1: Gather Application Materials
Application Materials: The following information is required to apply for admissions into DPUIC:
1. Photograph: Two passport-sized color photographs of the applicant
2. Identification:
A. Thai Student: House residency registration or citizenship identification; or
B. International Student: Passport.
3. Prior Degrees:
A. Masters Programs: Bachelor Degree
B. Doctoral Programs: Bachelor and Masters Degrees
4. Transcripts: Official degree transcript(s) or their equivalent(s)
5. English Proficiency: Official English proficiency score report
6. Curriculum Vitae: Copy of your current Curriculum Vitae written in the English language

Step #2:
Complete Admission Application
Admission Applicaton: Make sure to carefully complete each Admission Application field. When you are finished, click on the “Submit” button and the form will be automatically emailed to our Admissions Office. The Postgraduate Admissions Application can be found by clicking on the following link:
Step #3: Obtain Academic Recommendation Letters
Academic Recommendation Letters: Postgraduate students are required to submit two academic recommendation letters. Ideally, the letters should be completed by academics who can assess your overall ability and potential to succeed in the program you are applying for at DPUIC. The Academic Recommendation Form can be found by clicking on the following link:
Step #4: Forward Us Application Materials
Methods: There are three methods to forward us the Application Materials: (1) in person, (2) through email or (3) by postal mail:
1. In Person: Students are required to bring original copies of the application materials to DPUIC.
2. Email: Students are required to email us scanned copies of the original application materials (.pdf or .jpg).
3. Postal Mail: Students are required to mail us photocopies of the original application materials.

Applicants forwarding us Application Materials through email or by postal mail will need to bring us the original documents at a later point.

Application Evaluation

DPUIC will send you an email confirming receipt of your application materials. Feel free to email or telephone us if you do not hear from us within a week. It may take us a bit longer if you are applying from abroad.

Upon receipt, we immediately begin evaluating your Application Materials. Depending on your qualifications, we may request additional materials, request an in person or telephone interview to assess your English proficiency or mail you a letter of acceptance. The entire process usually takes about two weeks.

Contact Information
Mailing Address:
DPU International College
6th Floor, Building 6
110/1-4 Prachachuen Rd.
Laksi, Bangkok 10210 Thailand
Email Address:
66 (0) 2954 7300 ext. 663