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DPUIC (DPU International College) is proud of its growing reputation as provider of high quality programs at undergraduate and postgraduate levels.
Here are some of the reasons why DPUIC should be your choice:

We are truly international

DPUIC has full-time and exchange students from more than 20 nations, including the U.S. Sweden, France and Germany as well as students from neighboring countries such as Vietnam and Cambodia.
In addition to our full-time and part-time foreign lecturers, DPUIC invites professors from numerous nations to conduct courses.
We also have visiting professors, who offer guest lectures to students at all levels.

We emphasize 100% English with foreign lecturers at undergraduate and postgraduate levels.

DPUIC focuses on affordable quality education.

Compared to other international programs in Thailand, both in private and public universities, DPUIC is very affordable.
Of course, DPUIC is a much cheaper option than studying in the U.S., Australia or Europe!
Additionally, DPUIC rewards high achieving students with full or part scholarships to cover educational expenses.

A great campus environment

One of the first things new students notice is just how beautiful our campus is!
We also have a great range of facilities with modern updated equipment in classrooms as well as sporting facilities (gym, basketball and tennis courts, swimming pool and others)
There a large number of clubs to join, as well as extra-curricular activities throughout the year.

Opportunities for student and cultural exchange

DPUIC has arrangements with a number of international universities for students to study at for one or more semester

DPUIC is like my home

We are proud of the fact that the students feel welcome and looked after by our teachers and support staff,
and we try hard to create a friendly, caring and informal atmosphere.