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  • Modified June 23, 2018

Why study a CIBA International program?

Thailand is centrally located in Southeast Asia, where adventures are endless and traveling is easy and affordable. From the mountains of the north to the oceans and islands of the south, Thailand is a beautiful country that offers the opportunity to explore.

Thailand’s culture is rich and deep and CIBA is ideally placed within the global mega city of Bangkok.

The growth of international business in a fast-moving, complex global economy has created a demand for graduates with knowledge of global markets and management and the challenges of conducting business across borders, International students need International outstanding teaching so come to CIBA and fulfill your potential!!


  • CIBA’S International programs are cutting edge, blending innovation with long established practice and theory, all programs combine elements for students to learn and develop Chinese, English and Japanese as well as other prominent languages essential for the modern day International student working within the Global World.


  • CIBA’S International programs are contemporary modern-day business study courses concentrating on the links between the major business functions and their role in the international business context, including international comparisons. By covering the key management disciplines from a global perspective, you will be equipped for a successful career in a range of business and management roles. The course also sets up nicely for students wishing to pursue a Master’s Degree in the field of business.


  • CIBA International programs attract a broad range of students from across the Globe, ASEAN, Asia, Europe the America’s, Australasia all corners of the world are represented CIBA is a major hub of Internationalism a special place to develop a student’s cross culture management skills.


  • CIBA International programs are taught by leading academics nationally and internationally who have experience and a wide range of international knowledge to share. Lecturers who know their subject making the material accessible, understandable and meaningful, they are experts in their field and their clear and logical teaching methods spread enthusiasm through to their students.


  • CIBA has great links with some of the leading companies in Thailand and ASEAN which can lead to great placements, exhilarating work experience and you never know possible employment opportunities.


  • CIBA’S International programs are flexible and adaptable allowing you to go at your own pace and take the direction you want for your career. Expand your understanding of international business – develop strategic and management skills by exploring business theory and practice.


  • CIBA programs are designed to meet the needs of contemporary international businesses and blend academic excellence and professional skills, equipping the student with marketable skills to operate and excel at strategic level across different sectors and in different countries


  • The international business environment is rapidly changing and a different market reality is emerging. As a student of today and manager of the future, you need to adapt and adopt flexible patterns of thinking and behavior to succeed as global manager of tomorrow. CIBA International programs are relevant for now and in the future, are you ready?



Here are just a few more reasons why studying at CIBA could and would be life changing…………


  • It’ll look good on your CV
  • Brush up on your language skills
  • Living in a foreign country is completely different to a holiday
  • Meet a diverse range of people
  • Make lifelong friends
  • Discover new and exciting foods
  • Study and learn differently
  • Gain independence
  • You’ll gain a greater knowledge of different cultures
  • See your own culture through a new lens
  • Learn more about yourself
  • Gain life experience
  • Be spontaneous and adventurous
  • Gain a global mind-set
  • It’s an unforgettable experience
  • Use your spare time to explore
  • Increase your international job prospects