MESSAGE FROM THE DEAN - DPU International College
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  • Modified April 21, 2016


Aj.Harald KrausWelcome to the Dhurakij Pundit University International College (DPUIC) website. We hope it is helpful in finding the information you need, and that it gives you an idea of who we are.

DPUIC was established to provide affordable tertiary education programs for Thai students wishing to study in an international context, and to offer non-Thai students the unique opportunity to study in Thailand while getting a high quality and internationally recognized education.

DPUIC is international in name and in nature, with students and lecturers from more than 22 nations enjoying a multi-cultural and multi-lingual atmosphere which we believe enhances the students’ educational experience and better prepares the learner for future careers. We also encourage our students to participate in one of the numerous exchange programs which we have created with universities in Asia, Europe, Australia, and the United States.

Academically speaking, we aim to instill in students a professional attitude, a sense of global citizenship and responsibility, and an intellectual approach based on analytical thinking, questioning and an appreciation of other ways of seeing the world. We do so by offering an atmosphere of discussion, research and academic support in class, in one-on-one tutorials, and through extra-curricular workshops and seminars.

You will notice too that the campus is an especially beautiful one, and that it has all the sporting facilities, student clubs and support services that you would expect. Speaking of support, DPUIC, unlike many other universities, also ensures that our international students are supported and taken care of with regard to their special requirements such as visas, insurance, health care, accommodation and even travel arrangements.

DPUIC is growing from strength to strength. Whether you are Thai or from another country, if you choose to study at DPUIC you will not only feel confident that the academic quality and standards we provide are second to none, you will also feel at very much at home.