About DPUIC - DPU International College
  • By CIBA International Program
  • Modified January 27, 2017


DPUIC is the international college set up by Dhurakij Pundit University to meet the increasing national and regional demand for international standard degree courses taught in English. The reasons for starting it are obvious. Each year, Thai students in their hundreds spend enormous sums of money to study in universities, colleges and schools overseas. Those who do not have the financial means to go abroad have limited opportunities of getting a tertiary education in English at home. By making such courses available in Bangkok, DPUIC is able to meet their needs and save them time and money as well.

Starting with a single programme, DPUIC today offers 5 undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral degrees in areas such as business administration, tourism management, English for business, integrated marketing communications and ASEAN business integration. More programmes are planned for the future. With students from almost every country in the SE Asian region as well as China, Europe, Australia and the United States, DPUIC is building truly international community.

DPUIC graduates not only receive degrees of international standards, but also gain competence in the English language. Our foreign and local lecturers are professionally qualified and trained to help students in the proper use of English in and outside their lecture rooms.

Under various student exchange schemes, DPUIC students also have the opportunity to study one or two semesters of their course work at designated universities in Europe, the US or Australia. The experience derived from such exchanges will enrich their lives and extend their understanding of the international community.